About us

My name is Derek James Moss, M.D. of Engineering Solutions Manufacturing Ltd.

I have been very fortunate to have worked with a considerable number of suppliers over the last 30 years, who offer services ranging from product design, development, prototyping and production manufacturing.

One of the issues that invariably always proved to be the most problematic would be bringing together a new project, when cost and lead times were major factors, where procuring services from several companies who would only be concerned with their component parts of the project.

Engineering Solutions has been formed to offer the solution.

By drawing on some of these long term business relationships, we are privileged to have enlisted a group of suppliers who have bought into the concept of a one stop solution.
Recognising that they will be contributing towards a greater project, where offering competitive costing and delivery schedules based around the requirements of the overall project cost and timing targets.

Quality Policy

Inspection, controls all production manufacturing, and maintains all documentation. These documents are held on file for product verification.

All services provided through engineering solutions by its suppliers are approved by one or more quality approvals and certified by the following standards.

BS EN ISO 9001-2000
AS9100 REV B
ISO 14001-2004
TS 16949


Our clients entrust their sensitive information that they supply us. We ensure this information is kept secure taking particular care with electronic file transfer.

Every new project will be covered by a non disclosure agreement which will create a secure environment for our customers.