Assembly fixtures and Assemblies

Fixtures :- In line with our one stop philosophy, if you are looking for component assemblies not only we will provide a manufacturing route but we will also provide a solutions for the manufacture of the fixtures.

Engineering solutions does not source fixtures from proprietary fixture manufacturers. Because of our extensive background in this field, we will design and manufacture from one source without the need to sub contract parts of the build. Experience has shown that huge saving in time and in cost are made by manufacturing this way.

We can also provide fixtures for manual welding or robotic assembly fixtures.

Assemblies :- We specialise in manufacturing complete assemblies, which can include all types of materials and processes.

For example we have recently completed a seating project where we produced all the tooling, all steel components and the assemblies, rapid prototyped sintered steel parts, and also supplied all the plastic and foam parts.

Ultimately this gave our customer a one stop solution where we manufactured and project managed the whole project.

Here at Engineering Solutions, with our group of suppliers who have bought into the concept of a one stop solution, who recognise that they will be contributing towards a greater project where timing and low costs are crucial to the success of the project. This ethos resulted in us being able to supply the first 3 seats, 2 Mechanical and 1 Air seat, in less than 4 weeks. Ultimately the project costs were lower supplying through our one stop solution over competitors who were only able to support particular items of the build, and so were unable to offer the savings that we could offer here at Engineering Solutions.

Our customer, not only able to benefit from reduced costs, recognised that they only had one point of contact for the whole project, freeing their project teams to concentrate on other projects.