Product Design and Development


Engineering solutions through their alliances can offer you- product design and development via a highly respected design company.

From concept sketch to post production, together we can support all your design and manufacturing needs.

They will work independently on discrete turnkey projects, or you can integrate their specialist skills. They can work on your site and within your team, processes and systems.Together we will guarantee shorter lead times on design, development and engineering projects without sacrificing product excellence.

Styling and visualisation

With the high end CAD system, you can evaluate your concept in the virtual world.They can build and test your products in the virtual world then use the data for visualisation, or virtual testing.

Value Engineering

VA/VE during the design phase is a crucial tool to allow you to remain competitive in a global business environment. They can conduct design analysis of new developments and design value into your products.

This can be achieved by CAD study, physical analysis of existing products or even competitor benchmarking. In each case they will supply a detailed report which focuses on the optimum areas for improvement.

Here at engineering solutions we start here with product design and development. We can process your product through the manufacturing processes and then through to virtual testing and Rig testing. Having completed the development of your project, we can then take your product through to production.

Through our one stop solutions, you can sit back and be confident that your project would be designed and taken through various stages of manufacturing, and will be project managed, backed by over 30 years of experience and engineering excellence.

We are here to help and guide you. Our site outlines our specialist services but please call on 07736 021530 if you would like to discuss a project in person. Or go to our -Contacts link- where you will be able to send an Email. We are always happy to advise and look forward to being of service.